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i Tantric Singapore
Outcall Services With A Special Touch
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Outcall Massage Service in Singapore

Awaken your inner energies with i Singapore Tantric massage
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If you want to find an erotic massage for enhancement of intimate life, you have come to the right place. Applying tantric energy massage techniques performed by our skillful therapists is able to take you to Seventh Heaven. Pleasurable experience with multiple sexual benefits makes our massage service unique. When you need Singapore tantric massage, we will be around to fulfill all your wishes.

Highly experienced female massage therapists are able to awaken the energies that sleeps within you. Their well-trained massage will discover the most sensual parts of your body as they use tantric energy massage techniques. Aren't you curious to find that out?

Are you aware that Tantric massage does not originate in Singapore? We adopted and followed the original Indian Tantric techniques and managed to turn this type of service into one of the most highly demanded service in Singapore. The results are amazing.

This type of massage is able to work magic by giving the receiver deep pleasure and relaxation. If you wish to experience maximum ecstatic sensations, you should not even doubt about it. The reason, being oldest art of ancient healing that’s performed successful repeatedly, the results are proven.

What does Tantric massage therapist do? Every person has energy centers, which are usually blocked. The task of the therapist is to open them and release powerful energies hidden inside. In accordance with beliefs of Indian Tantric practitioners, sexual energy is the source of life. Its might cannot be compared with anything else. Tantric means Expand. If you want to perceive the life fully then you should expand your boundaries.

i Tantric massage Singapore represents a premier class of comfort service for the discerning gentleman, who values
Pleasure, Uniqueness and Professionalism. We will be happy to expand your boundaries.

Specializing in Core Tantric Massage, Great for Major hotels or house call visit

Our services in suitable for those as follows below
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Stress – Those who have to cope with a lot of stress in their everyday lives, those who need to make constant decisions, spend long or irregular hours at work, or have jet lag. Men, whom often have to multi-task and look after children as well as go to work – You will be amazed at how light your body will feel, and how clear and empty your mind can be. Sometimes a break, to pamper yourself is just what you need to relax, clear your thoughts and see situations or challenges in a different light.

Education – In most cultures, sex education is hardly adequate and certainly does not prepare for the intricacies and challenges of controlling one’s sexual energies. A Tantric massage is a wonderful way to learn about one’s own body, feelings and reactions in a safe, nurturing, supportive and non-judgmental environment, where there is no expectation and a total sense of acceptance. The massage will give you insights, which may otherwise take a lifetime to learn.

Repressive Upbringing – Those who have been brought up in an over strict or over religious environment, with the suppression of sexual feelings are often the results of upbringing. Many men whom have been denied real sensual satisfaction during most of their adult life have suddenly discovered the experience of total body release, without any effort on their part. Their desire will be stimulated as the waves of energy flows strongly though out their body. Each person’s experience will be unique.

Premature Release – This is something that is often a problem of the mind. But it can become a vicious circle because of performance anxiety and the pressure that goes along with it. In exchanging of energies, men are habitual to be active and would find it degrading of masculinity not to do anything. Men simply surrender to the moment because of intense pleasure. When the pressure to perform is removed, when there are no goals or targets, the mind become totally still and calm, the body relaxes and problem just disappear. The massage will spread waves of Tantric energy throughout your body alternating the stimulation. You will learn in a very practical way, as if by osmosis, how to relax while building up to higher levels of arousal.

Older Men – As they mature and their hormone levels shift, men may feel that they are losing their potency and begin to lose faith in their own sexuality. With Tantric massage, not only is it possible to have attain climax without release, men will also achieve a stronger hormone level.
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Advantages of using
Singapore Tantric massage
>> It is able to improve sexual desire with the unique relaxation effect it produces.

>> Experiencing it will help organizing effective solutions that will help to get rid of stress in urban conditions.

>> A person becomes more satisfied with life after a period of tantric massage.

>> Though the energies of both sexes joined during the massage, receiver will experience a joyful and pleasure feeling but this is more than that. Both receiver and giver will feel spiritually close to each other. When receiver starts feeling a part of universe. True enlightenment will be achieved.

>> It gives incredible spiritual benefits.

>> When tantric massage is performed, there will be release of hormone at points of chakra. This benefits the male generic desires.
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Updated 6th March 2019


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