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i Tantric Singapore
Outcall Services With A Special Touch
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Outcall Massage Motto - Pleasure, Uniqueness, Professionalism

About Us
Our motto is to provide a premier class of comfort service for discerning gentleman, whom values Pleasure, Uniqueness and Professionalism
Why Pleasure
Tantric is about sexual energy exchange and a session with us will change your perspective of dealing with this energy within you, which can be uncontrollable.

Tantric being a sensual, emotional and spiritual therapy that uses special techniques for heightening and prolonging sexual pleasure is able to heal wounded sexuality, leading to increased power, vitality and longevity.

As you relax and open to this new experience, you will discover a burning fire in you that has always been there, waiting for you to ignite it. This fire is your sexual life force, and it is the same energy that empowers you on every level to create and realize the highest vision of what you desire in your life. Our full-body Tantric massage offers you sublime benefits for your whole body, mind and spirit: all inspired by your own energy.
Why Uniqueness
Tantric massage is a unique way of helping men of modern society to discover the specific state in him that’s hindering him to fulfill his desires. i Tantric massage offers the most effective methods to discover that secret potential and brings it to life. One of the main aims of Tantric massage for men is to awaken the male sensuality and teach him to enjoy being touched and learn how to respond positively to touch and pleasure. Tantric massage can help to discover and explore men’s own unique sexuality using different methods and techniques. The Tantric way is an effective way for men to overcome issues they may have experienced and awaken their senses. Tantric massage is also part of sexual energies exchange sessions as it has proved to support various male sexual problems for examples, difficulty in getting it up, bad female experience, lacking of confidence or taboo.
Why Professionalism
Our services performed by professional therapists are well trained such that the receiver receives a complete relaxation and harmony of both the body and mind. The therapist (or giver) is able to guide you by making you conscious of your own sexual energy, directing and channeling it to achieve the desire result. It is this professional energy channeling skill that different the pros.

Specializing in Core Tantric Massage, Great for Major hotels or house call visit

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Advantages of using
Singapore Tantric massage
>> It is able to improve sexual desire with the unique relaxation effect it produces.

>> Experiencing it will help organizing effective solutions that will help to get rid of stress in urban conditions.

>> A person becomes more satisfied with life after a period of tantric massage.

>> Though the energies of both sexes joined during the massage, receiver will experience a joyful and pleasure feeling but this is more than that. Both receiver and giver will feel spiritually close to each other. When receiver starts feeling a part of universe. True enlightenment will be achieved.

>> It gives incredible spiritual benefits.

>> When tantric massage is performed, there will be release of hormone at points of chakra. This benefits the male generic desires.