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Overactive and crazy rhythm of modern life brings the essence of human existence to the narrow circle of everyday worries. Joys didn't have their own place; the intimate side of human is pushed back. Get out of seemingly impasse by using Tantric sensual massage that has existed for centuries in eastern practice. The practice of soft and slow movements not only re-open the erogenous zones of the body, they also awaken forgotten sensuality. Below are the services that were created with all these in mind.
Deluxe Sensual Massage
Repeated slow movements of hands massaging are relaxing and inclusive at the same time. That’s one of the reasons why you will feel secure during the service and complete after the service. If you are looking for therapeutic purposes, this massage style will stimulate blood circulation, relaxes the body, relieves muscle tension and soothes the mind.

50 minutes: $220 | 80 minutes: $320 | 110 minutes: $400
Core Tantric Massage
This is the ultimate sensual experience, bare therapist applying an infusion of relaxation to erotic strokes, relaxing tight muscles tense mind. A combination of Prostrate massage, Body to body, Tantric reciprocal receiving. The massage coverage also includes perineum, inside legs massage and buttocks area. To sum up simply, the whole body is caressed, teased and aroused. It is a very intimate encounter with stimulation at its utmost peak! The intention of our Core Tantric Massage is to bring you to the core of Tantric – an immense and intense pleasure! Ultimately leading to a blissful state of sheer enjoyment.

60 minutes: $300 | 90 minutes: $400 | 120 minutes: $500
Sliding Body Massage
An absolute smoothing erotic massage; Massage oil is applied all over your body and the therapist slides her body against yours for a complete body-to-body massage using the pressure of her own body weight to massage and relax your body tissues. Hands sliding massage is included.

45 minutes: $270 | 75 minutes: $370 | 100 minutes: $470
Ocean waves Four Hands massage
Two therapists dance in unison, hands and arms flowing over your body like ocean waves. You lose track of where you are and mental chatter disappears. At last your mind and body are set free. It is an extraordinary over-the-top experience with double the intensity.

60 minutes: $600 | 90 minutes: $800 | 120 minutes: $1000

Addition 10% booking fee for arrangements outside 10am - 10pm. Final figure will be rounded to the nearest multiple of ten.

Additional 10% local currency for foreign currency payment. We trust
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Advantages of using
Singapore Tantric massage
>> It is able to improve sexual desire with the unique relaxation effect it produces.

>> Experiencing it will help organizing effective solutions that will help to get rid of stress in urban conditions.

>> A person becomes more satisfied with life after a period of tantric massage.

>> Though the energies of both sexes joined during the massage, receiver will experience a joyful and pleasure feeling but this is more than that. Both receiver and giver will feel spiritually close to each other. When receiver starts feeling a part of universe. True enlightenment will be achieved.

>> It gives incredible spiritual benefits.

>> When tantric massage is performed, there will be release of hormone at points of chakra. This benefits the male generic desires.


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