The Scientifically Proven Benefits of Different Massage Techniques

Everyone knows that massage based therapy feels amazing and makes them more relaxed, but not as many people know that massage has many scientifically proven health benefits. As more massage therapists explore new ways to make their patients feel better, the health benefits will be even more apparent.

Check out this chart data sourced from
Canadian Community Health Survey


Immediate benefits of Tantric massage

One of the immediate benefits of Tantric massage is a feeling of deep relaxation and calm. Tantric massage also prompts the release of endorphins, that produce feelings of well-being. The massage stimulates the immune system by increasing blood circulation and lymph drainage. Thus overall, it reduces blood pressure, stress and many people experience improved sleep after receiving a the massage.

For those visitors to Singapore, Tantric massage is also great way to relax after a long flight and can help reduce jet lag.